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Why do I need a home inspection

A home purchase may be the largest investment of your life. Before you purchase the property you should learn as much information as you can regarding what may need to be repaired.


A home inspection will also point out the positive aspects of a home, as well as required ongoing maintenance that will be needed to keep the property in good shape. By having a professional home inspection you will have a clearer understanding of the home you are purchasing so that you can make a confident decision.


A home Inspection can also be valuable if you have owned your home for a long period of time. The inspection can identify potential problems and recommend solutions that will potentially save you a great deal of money in the future.



Mold Inspection

We want to keep you and your family safe in your home. There are hundreds of mold species in the environment and when growing indoors they can be extremely toxic and cause many health problems. We specialize in mold sampling, indoor air quality assessments, and laboratory analysis.




























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